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Leticia Almaguer

  • Leticia-S.-Almaguer-de-Jones

When Leticia, her five children and her husband moved from their home country of Mexico to Garciasville, Texas, she brought along her talent for cooking traditional and healthy Mexican meals. Her business, Letty’s Comida Casera, makes food for seven schools.

For the last four years, Leticia routinely began her work daily at 7 a.m. with her employees: her husband and two assistants. She plans to hire more employees when her business allows.

To keep up with demand, Leticia needed working capital, cooking tools, extra tables for her kitchen, and additional money to become a licensed business, and therefore ventured out for a loan.

After one of her son’s friends told her of Liftfund, she decided to apply and was approved. She said, “I don’t have any money, but with this loan, I can gain money and expand my business. Because of Accion, I was able to help people. I couldn’t have done it without Accion.”

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